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Success Stories

Discover how the Harbour is healing

Hamilton Harbour is slowly healing, thanks to conservation efforts, education, and community support. Read the following success stories.

Randle Reef Sediment Remediation Project

Sediment at the bottom of the Harbour is contaminated with a century and a half of sewage and industrial pollution. The containment project at Randle Reef has successfully created a $140-million steel box around much of the most heavily contaminated material.

Improvements to Public Access and Engagement

Engaging community volunteers is a critically important aspect of BARC’s work to reconnect people with the harbour and make real gains in restoring habitats. Each year, many community volunteers participate in actions to increase the number of plants in the marsh or collect important citizen science data on the quality of our local environment.

Increased Education and Public Information

BARC began delivering educational programming in schools and across the community 3 decades ago. That programming has increased in scope and extent, to include more than 15,000 students across the Hamilton Harbour watershed each year.