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Turtle Crossing

Age Range: 6 – 12
Grades: 1 – 6
Registration for this program opens in Spring 2024

What is the Turtle Crossing program?

Turtles are an important part of wetland ecosystems but are threatened by human activity. This program provides an in-depth exploration of Ontario’s turtle species and how we can work to protect them.

Turtle Crossing focuses on Hamilton Harbour as turtle habitat, the characteristics of Ontario turtles, the threats to turtles, and more!

Students participate in an interactive presentation and make their own take-home turtle using air-dry modeling clay. 

Please note: There are no live animals in this presentation. BARC uses artificial model turtles for education.

Curriculum Links

Grade 1: Needs and Characteristics of Living Things

Grade 2: Growth and Changes in Animals; Air and Water in the Environment 

Grade 3: Growth and Changes in Plants

Grade 4: Habitats and Communities; People and Environments 

Grade 5: Responsible Citizenship 

Grade 6: Biodiversity

Register for the Turtle Crossing

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