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Age Range: 6 – 12
Grades: 1 -6

What is the Ribbit! program?

Frogs are an important species in our local wetlands and face many threats in the Hamilton Harbour watershed.

Students will learn about Ontario frog species by examining realistic frog models and listening to frog calls. Students will learn how amphibians are classified, their unique adaptations, and about frog conservation.

Younger classes will participate in a hands-on frog fishing game, while older classes will classify aquatic invertebrate specimens (frog food) using a dichotomous key.

Please note: There are no live animals in this presentation. BARC uses 3D printed frog models for education.

Curriculum Links

Grade 1: Needs and Characteristics of Living Things

Grade 2: Growth and Changes in Animals; Air and Water in the Environment 

Grade 3: Growth and Changes in Plants

Grade 4: Habitats and Communities; People and Environments 

Grade 5: Responsible Citizenship 

Grade 6: Biodiversity

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