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Home to Harbour

Age Range: 12 – 18
Grades: 6 – 12
Registration for this program opens in Spring 2024

What is the Home to Harbour program?

Despite living close to a large body of freshwater, many students are unfamiliar with Hamilton Harbour and its watershed. Our Home to Harbour presentations explore historical and current issues facing Hamilton Harbour, with an emphasis on invasive species and stormwater runoff.

Using an EnviroScape model, students will participate in an interactive demonstration to understand how a watershed functions and the issues of point source and nonpoint source pollution.

The presentations also engage students with the role of government and responsible citizenship.

Home to Harbour presentations range in length from 40 minutes to one hour.

Curriculum Links

Grade 5: Responsible Citizenship 

Grade 6: Biodiversity

Grade 7: Interactions in the Environment

Grade 8: Water Systems

Grade 9 – 12: Biology & Environmental Science

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