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W. W. Grant Sail Loft

The Grant Sail Loft is the last remaining structure from Hamilton’s once flourishing 19th century landscape of sail lofts, wharves and shipyards. The building was erected in 1869 by William Grant as an expansion of his current business, a small discreet one story brick building from the front with a large three-story view from the Harbour.

Grant began sailmaking around 1853 and later worked out of a warehouse near the foot of MacNab St. making sails for vessels from all across the Great Lakes. Grant continued to work from his sail loft until he closed his doors in 1887. The building later housed the Reid Gasoline Engine Company for the first two decades of the 20th century, followed by the HMCS Lion Sea Cadets and now currently, Haarstick Sailmakers.  

Photo Credit: Hamilton Public Library
Source: Hamilton Industrial Trail