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W. R. Carpenter Canada LTD., Bunge

Given Hamilton’s prime location along major transportation routes in the Great Lakes, many food processing companies decided to set up shop along its shore beginning in the mid 1800’s. This food processing plant began operation in 1942, during World War II under the name W. R. Carpenter Canada LTD. The factory produced copra, linseed and rapeseed. Post war,  the name was changed to Canadian Vegetable Oil Processing Ltd. and the factory began producing peanut oil.  Within three years, they expanded to processing soybeans. It wasn’t until 1983 that the factory added canola oil processing to its repertoire.

Like many factories along Burlington St., the company changed owners and names several times over its history. Today, the building operates as Bunge Limited, a Bermudan food processing corporation. They process vast amounts of oilseeds and are Canada’s largest canola processor.    

Source: Hamilton Industrial Trail