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Trumpeter Swans

The trumpeter swan is the largest swan in the world and native to the shores of North America and Hamilton Harbour. These birds were once numerous and widely dispersed throughout northeastern Canada and parts of the United States. However, following the arrival of Europeans and intense hunting, their numbers dwindled until the last Ontario trumpeter was shot at Long Point in 1886. By 1935, only 69 birds remained in the whole of North America. In 1982, biologist Harry Lumsden began the fight to bring back the species to Ontario. He traveled to Nothern Alberta and Alaska to bring back trumpeter eggs and raise them to be released in the wild. Decades later, there are now 800 birds in the province. Trumpeter swans returned to LaSalle Park in 1993 for the first time in over 100 years. Today, there are ~200 swans that call LaSalle Park home during the winter months. Although LaSalle supports a healthy population of swans, the birds are still threatened from human encroachment throughout the Great Lakes. For more information click here.