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Spencer Creek Watershed

Spencer Creek watershed is the largest and most significant watershed of Hamilton Harbour, with its main trunk flowing into Webster’s Falls, Dundas. Several substantial tributaries are located within Spencer including but not limited to: Fletcher, Westover, Ancaster, Borer’s, Tiffany and Sulphur Creek. It is split into three subwatersheds – your current position located in the Lower Spencer Creek (LSC) watershed.

LSC has been altered a number of times in order to accommodate land use changes. In its current configuration, the creek is severely confined in a tight urban corridor.

The mouth of Spencer Creek is a 250-hectare shallow marsh known as Cootes Paradise Marsh. Both Spencer Creek and Cootes Paradise are important nurseries for fish populations in Hamilton Harbour and Lake Ontario. The connection between these two water systems allows fish to migrate from the Great Lakes into spawning grounds in the creeks and marsh.