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Hamilton Glass Company

This was the site of Hamilton’s first of two glass companies. It was established by John Winer, Lyman Moore and George Rutherford, partners from a local druggists’ firm. The men required cheap glass bottles for their expanding medicine business. Nathan B. Gatchell, an experienced glass-blower, was also recruited to ensure the quality of the product. As business progressed, the company soon took over the entire city block, supplying jars and bottles to a number of companies. Over 150 men worked for the glass company living in the surrounding north end neighbourhood.

In 1888, the company was renamed, “Hamilton Glass Works” and a few years prior, it bought its sister company, the Burlington Glass Company. Glass products continued to be made until 1912 when the factory burned down. The factory was re-established a few years later as “Dominion Glass” in the east end of Hamilton and operated until 1997.  

Source: Hamilton Industrial Trail