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Dominion Steel Casting Company, Dofasco

In 1912, the company began as the Dominion Steel Casting Company, producing castings for the city’s expanding railways. However, unlike Stelco, which was capable of producing its own iron, Dominion Steel was a small foundry and had to purchase its iron from outside sources. But the company’s modest beginnings did not last long.

In 1913 it merged with Hamilton Malleable Iron Company expanding to become the Dominion Steel Foundry Company. During the First World War, manufacturing in Hamilton soared and Dominion Steel Foundry Company was no exception, by war’s end, employment had soared to 2,280. Expansion continued over the next few decades under the name Dominion Foundries and Steel and in 1951, the first blast furnace was lit. Three years later, it became the first North American foundry to produce basic oxygen steel.

The name was officially changed to Dofasco Inc. in 1980. In 2006, Dofasco was purchased by European steelmaker, Arcelor followed by a merger with Mittal Steel. Today, ArcelorMittal Dofasco is the world’s largest steelmaker. 

Source: Hamilton Industrial Trail