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Coffield Washer Company LTD.

With the advent of electricity came a boom in electric home appliances in the early 20th century. Coffield Motor Washer Company of Hamilton manufactured very popular electric wringer-washers – a luxury that many Hamiltonians could not afford until after World War II. At the height of production, the factory employed 75 Hamiltonians and could pump out 90 washers per week. However as technology evolved, the demand for electric wringer-washers diminished and the company went bankrupt in 1963.

The building remained vacant until 1993 when Hamilton-based BartonAir Fabrications Inc. bought the remains and built a new plant incorporating the old structure. The building is currently occupied by a custom countertop company. At the eastern end of the current blue metal-sided building, one can see brick from the original factory built around the 1920’s by the Coffield Motor Washer Company. For more information click here.

Source: Hamilton Industrial Trail