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Bayfront Park

Like its cousin Pier 4 Park beach, Bayfront has had to contend with waterfowl and E. coli contamination issues. In an effort to restore the beach’s intended use as a recreational hotspot, the City has taken action to dissuade the waterfowl from hanging around.

Above the beach and along the path’s edge are lines of vegetation. The bushes were planted as a deterrent – a visual barrier that would discourage the birds from walking from the beach up to the grassy hills beyond. Visual deterrents are often used in waterfowl management. The idea being if a bird can’t visually assess potential dangers ahead, it will not want to go beyond a particular point.

Bayfront Park was originally a contaminated landfill site. The City of Hamilton removed the contaminated soil and replaced it with clean soil, planted native trees and shrubs in the park and built underwater habitat for fish along the shore.