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Early settlement of Aldershot took place along today’s Plains Road and Townsend and Shadeland Avenues. Originally known as East Flamborough, Aldershot was renamed by William Applegarth, one of the first settlers in the area, emigrating from Durham, England in the 1790’s. Early settlers of Aldershot helped develop the land, setting up farms, market gardens and building wharves. Local wharves (e.g. Brown’s wharf) allowed for the quick flow of goods and people, turning Aldershot from a crossroads community to a bustling town. By the early 1820’s, Aldershot boasted twenty frame houses, eleven log, and three stone/brick homes, two merchant shops, two grist mills and five saw mills. Fruit farming began in the 1830’s and dairy farming in the 1890’s. In 1958, Aldershot amalgamated with the City of Burlington. Today, the area of Aldershot maintains a fiercely independent spirit and with some of the best views of Hamilton Harbour.